CDR-1217: SR Set: Baroque Art of the North Netherlands

The predominantly Protestant Dutch in the North Netherlands produced large numbers of artists painting subjects from religious and genre scenes to still lifes and landscapes. Our extensive group offers work by artists ranging from Aelst to Rembrandt, Ruisdael, and Vermeer. Here are Avercamp skating scenes and Ruisdael landscapes; lusty domestic scenes from Steen; introspective interiors by Vermeer, de Hooch, and de Witte; portraits by Hals, Leyster and Rembrandt; and the wide spectrum of still lifes by artists like Claesz, Kalf, Heda and Ruysch. The wealth of details accompanying these works emphasize brilliance and depth of color as well as to illustrate telling detail such as the delicate lace on a lady's bodice or an errant insect exploring a tulip petal in a flower still life. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.