CDR-1220: SR Set: Nineteenth Century Art: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, etc.

A number of styles and periods are associated with nineteenth century European painting. Our group includes examples of Neoclassicism with David's Portrait of Madame Recamier and Napoleon Crossing the St. Bernard Pass; the elegant and precise works of Ingres such as La Grande Odalisque and the portrait of Louis-Fran├žois Bertin. Among the works of Realism we draw on the wealth of work by Courbet including The Painter's Studio and the Funeral at Ornans, and on the vast range of Goya's painting from his wrenching Third of May, 1808, to the ghastly Saturn Devouring his Children, to the unflattering Family of Charles IV. Among examples of Romanticism are The Wreck of the Hope and Monk by the Sea by Caspar David Friedrich. The accompanying details of these works draw additional attention to depth of color, fullness of shape, and richness of texture. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.