CDR-1182: SR Set: The Nude in Art

The depiction of nudes has long been seen in western art--indeed as far back as prehistoric times--with distinctive fertility figures like the Venus of Willendorf. In classical times, the Greek aesthetic of ideal beauty utilized the nude to portray gods and mortals alike. Since then, the classical tradition has gone from the ideal to the abstract. Witness Giorgione's Sleeping Venus, Manet's Olympia, or Moore's Reclining Figure. A study of the nude in its journey through the centuries teaches not only cultural change, but religious and aesthetic values through the ages. Here are common themes of reclining female nudes and heroic upright males, of recurring figures such as Venus, Adam and Eve, or ubiquitous bathers. Our set offers a broad spectrum of nude portrayals and attempts to illustrate the range of styles and periods, and more specifically to examine the creative variety of approaches used by artists.