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SR Set: Geology and The Forces of Nature
Title: SR Set: Geology and The Forces of Nature
Description: Nature--our natural world--has long been the topic of endless fascination. As geologists, explorers, archaeologists and climatologists have learned more about the forces of nature, artists have captured--and preserved on canvas-- unadulterated landscapes that evoke awe and respect. Finally, the medium of photography helps to bring to the classroom images of specimens and formations from millions of years ago.
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SR Set: The Bauhaus, 1919-1933
Title: SR Set: The Bauhaus, 1919-1933
Description: Industrialization across Europe in the mid 19th century resulted in a growing sense among many that mass-production and artistic expression could go hand in hand. An enormous influx of workers into cities necessitated large-scale housing projects at the beginning of the 20th century. Peter Behrens' 1907 AEG building demonstrated that art and industrial design--using concrete and steel--could very well generate artistic expression. Interrupted by World War I, Gropius in 1919 founded the Bauhaus in Weimar in the hope of reconciling fine arts and applied arts. His style of functional building was reflected in the many workers housing projects that Bruno Taut, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and others built in Berlin, Stuttgart and other metropolises. Hans Meyer's leadership (1928-30) resulted in important commissions and financial gain and his emphasis on mathematical accuracy may well have meant the beginning of pre-fabricated architectural components. Increasingly political difficulties intervened until finally the Dessau Bauhaus closed in 1930. Mies van der Rohe attempted to re-open the School in Berlin in 1932 but after only ten months Nazi politics and pressure resulted in the closure of the Bauhaus but not in the International style. Added 12/19: Gropius, Master's Houses for Kandinsky, Klee, Muche and Schlemmer
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SR Set: The Woodcut
Title: SR Set: The Woodcut
Description: The woodcut, that most elemental of print forms, arose in northern Europe around 1400 with the new availability of paper. The earliest prints were generally of a devotional nature and rapidly became popular, largely because of their affordability, in contrast to costly illuminated manuscripts. Early masters such as Dürer and Holbein took the woodcut to great heights, but it was quickly obscured by other print forms of engraving, etching, lithography, etc. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw a resurgence of the woodcut with artists like Gauguin and Munch exploring new techniques and aesthetics in an old medium, to be continued by the Die Brücke artists who saw the expressive power of brutal knife lines and gouges in a block of wood. Artists continue to explore the possibilities of the woodcut into the twenty-first century.
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SR Set: Modern Sculpture
Title: SR Set: Modern Sculpture
Description: In this Image Set Scholars Resource examines extreme skill and craftsmanship in working with materials that do not always lend themselves to the shapes and forms intended or imagined. Sometimes undervalued or overlooked, works of sculpture--beginning with Rodin and listed here in order of decades--speak to the creativity and imagination of the artists and are a direct reflection of the time in which they were created.
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SR Set: Landscape Vignettes in Northern Renaissance Painting
Title: SR Set: Landscape Vignettes in Northern Renaissance Painting
Description: These 'pictures within pictures' are minute views of the landscape often literally seen through the window of an iconographic-studded interior or over the shoulder of a foreground figure à la Robert Campin or Rogier van der Weyden. Even a scrap of landscape provides a glimpse into spatial depth, drawing the viewer's attention into the real world beyond, and an admiration for the minute detail of the Northern Renaissance sensibility. Within the century, landscape painting itself would become the subject, while the titular scene would become insignificant, as seen in the work of Joachim Patinir.
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SR Set: Velázquez in Vienna
Title: SR Set: Velázquez in Vienna
Description: Exhibitions of works of art by great masters are exceptional and increasingly rare. In the planning stage for ten years, one such special exhibition opened at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in November of 2015. As the Spanish Queen—who was present for the opening of the show-- remarked, the close relationship between Austria and Spain allowed for a rapid exchange of works of art by Velasquez, the court painter in Madrid. The exhibition--and Scholars Resource’s Image Set--begins with Velázquez'early years in Seville in the studio of his teacher Francisco Pacheco (whose daughter he married), his exploration of genre subjects (bodegones) and religious paintings. In his 37 years as court painter ( Oct. 1623), Velázquez was free to develop his rich style of portraiture culminating in the Las Meninas. It is thought that the “portraits of the Spanish Hapsburgs painted in profusion by Velazquez are surely among the finest and best examples of court portraiture in the history of European art.” (Norbert Wolf: Diego Velazquez, 1599-1660, The Face of Spain).
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SR Set: The Nude in Art
Title: SR Set: The Nude in Art
Description: The depiction of nudes has long been seen in western art--indeed as far back as prehistoric times--with distinctive fertility figures like the Venus of Willendorf. In classical times, the Greek aesthetic of ideal beauty utilized the nude to portray gods and mortals alike. Since then, the classical tradition has gone from the ideal to the abstract. Witness Giorgione's Sleeping Venus, Manet's Olympia, or Moore's Reclining Figure. A study of the nude in its journey through the centuries teaches not only cultural change, but religious and aesthetic values through the ages. Here are common themes of reclining female nudes and heroic upright males, of recurring figures such as Venus, Adam and Eve, or ubiquitous bathers. Our set offers a broad spectrum of nude portrayals and attempts to illustrate the range of styles and periods, and more specifically to examine the creative variety of approaches used by artists.
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SR Set: The Late Eighteenth Century: from Marie Antoinette to Napeoleon
Title: SR Set: The Late Eighteenth Century: from Marie Antoinette to Napeoleon
Description: In the late Eighteenth century, the Hapsburg influence across Europe was magnified by the marriage of Maria Antonia (sixteenth child of Maria Theresia) to Louis-Auguste, the Dauphin, in 1770. The reign of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI came to represent a time of great change, not only all across Europe but also in England and the just-born United States. This Image Set captures some of the cultural and historic changes taking place, when opulence gave way to the rights of man and to a simpler, more classical style.
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SR Textbook Set: Design Elements
Title: SR Textbook Set: Design Elements
Description: The vendors of Scholars Resource offer a rich variety of images suitable to accompany any design course. The images in this set have been selected to illustrate a diverse range of design elements for the following areas: 1) architectural design, 2) product design, 3) fashion design, 4) interior design, 5) graphic arts, 6) materials and 7) techniques. Basic design concepts, such as form and composition, material and technique, perspective and foreshortening, proportion and scale, line, color, and texture have all been included. The following texts have been consulted for the compilation of the set: Dempsey, Art in the Modern Era; Eskilson, Graphic Design: a New History; Heisinger & Marcus, Landmarks of Twentieth-Century Design; Heller, Teaching Graphic Design; Hollis, Graphic Design: A Concise History; Livingston, Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers; Meggs, A History of Graphic Design; Raizman, History of Modern Design. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR Set: Photography
Title: SR Set: Photography
Description: Our selection of photographs emphasizes the rich collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These photographs range from early experimental "photogenic drawings" of the 1830s, daguerreotypes, and tintypes, to gelatin silver prints of the twentieth century. Early photographers represented include Nadar, William Henry Fox Talbot, and Julia Margaret Cameron. The collection includes landscapes, portraits, architecture, nudes, and even documentation of scientific experiments. Especially noteworthy are portraits of contemporary French artists taken ca. 1850 including Manet, Monet, Morisot, Degas, Gauguin, and Renoir. Documentation of diverse sites range from Roman monuments in rural France to the spiritual center of exotic Jerusalem in the Middle East.
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SR-Set: Artists and Studios
Title: SR-Set: Artists and Studios
Description: This group of images gives us a view into the lives of artists: their portraits; with family and friends; in their studios, homes and gardens; even on their deathbeds. The set is intended as a companion to CDR-1080 Artists' Self Portraits.
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SR Set: Historic Women Artists
Title: SR Set: Historic Women Artists
Description: Extensive Set of Images of Works of Art by Women Artists.
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SR Set: Illustrations of Ethical Values (in non-religious paintings)
Title: SR Set: Illustrations of Ethical Values (in non-religious paintings)
Description: Artist's interpretations of values of money, love, death, self-worth, charity, betrayal, joys and sorrow.
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SR Set: Costume and Fashion
Title: SR Set: Costume and Fashion
Description: A Historic Overview of Fashion for ladies and gentlemen in Europe, China, Japan and America. Regardless of whether these garments were for ceremonial purposes or for every day use, designed by fashion houses in Paris, London, New York or depicted in paintings, images from the fabulous Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum are helping to make our Image Set much more comprehensive and illustrate the profound creativity and craftsmanship with which these costumes were created
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SR Set: Prints
Title: SR Set: Prints
Description: The wide selection of images in this group demonstrate varied printmaking techniques such as woodcut, etching, drypoint, engraving, lithography, and aquatint; some being a combination of more than one technique. These works range from medieval times to the present and among the artists represented are Bruegel, Rembrandt, Goltzius, Goya, Gauguin, Lautrec, etc.
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SR Set: Frescoes
Title: SR Set: Frescoes
Description: The general term “frescoes” refers here not only to painting on wet plaster (buon fresco), or nearly dry plaster (mezzo-fresco), but also to works painted on dry plaster (a secco). Examples of under drawings or sinopia are included. Scholars Resource offers a good cross section of works ranging from early examples of painting in wet plaster from Minoan Crete to recent works painted within the last century (Diego Rivera), ideally suited to teaching this unique form of painting in art history.
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SR Set: Artists' Self Portraits
Title: SR Set: Artists' Self Portraits
Description: Self Portraits from the Renaissance to the 20th century from major European collections: the Uffizi (incl. the Vasari Corridor), Galleria Borghese, the Louvre, the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz and many others. This set is intended as a companion to CDR-1126, Artists and Studios.
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SR Set: Native North American Art and Culture
Title: SR Set: Native North American Art and Culture
Description: Our set offers extensive, detailed documentation of Totem Poles, as well as Long Houses and masks, representing the styles of important Northwest Coast groups; reflecting a recent resurgence in pole carving. From the southwest is the oldest continuously inhabited community of Taos Pueblo, as well as coverage of important Ancestral Puebloan architectural remains, petroglyphs and pictographs from the sites of Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon and the Butler Wash, River House ruin. The set also includes coverage of the National Museum of the American Indian, and early European documentation of Native American cultures in the form of paintings and engravings.
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SR Set: Manuscripts
Title: SR Set: Manuscripts
Description: An outstanding collection of religious and secular manuscript painting representing a range of cultures from China, India and Armenia to the countries of Western Europe. Religious manuscripts include Jewish, Islamic and Christian texts. Images from Psalters, Bibles, Gospels, and Books of Hours offer a variety of historiated initials and marginal decoration. Images from secular texts range from Botanicals to maps to Aztec Feather Artisans; and treatises on surgical instruments and 'ingenious mechanical devices' to the Silk industry. Selections from literary works by Pliny, Virgil, and Boccaccio, and illustrations of historical events and historic personages are also included. This wide group of manuscript examples is appropriate to disciplines as disparate as History, Literature and the Sciences.
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SR Set: Survey: American Art
Title: SR Set: Survey: American Art
Description: The American Art Set offers a selection of images depicting scenes of American culture and history as well as works by American artists. These works range from the seventeenth to the twentieth century and include examples of painting, sculpture, engraving and photography from artists as varied in style as Winslow Homer, Mary Cassatt and Thomas Hart Benton to Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Alexander Calder and Frank Lloyd Wright.
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SR Set: Art Deco
Title: SR Set: Art Deco
Description: The exuberance of color and technical innovation radiate from Art Deco examples in this Image Set. The bright red Golden Gate Bridge towering above the Bay in San Francisco; the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings rising high in Manhattan and the bold and colorful decorations around Rockefeller Center speak to the vitality and can-do attitude of the time after the First World War. Creamy, pastel buildings in Miami as well as bold pieces of furniture by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and brightly colored ceramics by Susie Cooper round out our group.
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SR Set: Historic Berlin
Title: SR Set: Historic Berlin
Description: Berlin regained its prominence when Germany was unified again in 1989. Its historic core--750 years old in 1987--in Berlin-Mitte has been restored to its pre-war, historic glory: Unter den Linden with its grand old buildings, the Brandenburger Tor, the Museumsinsel and the Nikolaiviertel on the Fischer Insel recall Berlin's early beginnings and its grandeur under the Kaiser. After the Fall of the Wall, Berlin once again is Germany's capital and center of culture and international acclaim, of modern architecture and political influence.
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Highlighting Scholars Resource's vendors: ARCHIVISION
Title: Highlighting Scholars Resource's vendors: ARCHIVISION
Description: Traveling the world in search of inspiration, Scott Gilchrist documents architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and public art through the eyes of an architect and artist. His finely tuned eye captures art history’s iconic buildings--as well as those that are simply interesting—from Toronto and Montreal to Moscow, from North Africa to Beijing and Washington and presents them with rich, accurate data to educators and visual image professionals. Special collections on architectural elements, plans, drawings and topographical views help us to understand technique, design, cultures and the many building materials used over time. Scholars Resource now includes images from all modules through number 10, bringing the total number of images to 78,000. See the extensive collection at, then click on Vendor and Archivision.
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SR Set: Women Artists: 19th Century to Present
Title: SR Set: Women Artists: 19th Century to Present
Description: Women Artists: 19th Century to Present is intended as a continuation of our earlier set of Women Artists (CDR-1052). By the 19th century women were finding a greater freedom to formally study art and were gaining greater access to academies. Women like Julia Margaret Cameron were notable among the early practitioners of the new medium of photography. As the 19th century advanced, and certainly into the 20th century, female artists were more apparent as practitioners of significant artistic styles and movements. This Scholars Resource Set (listing the artists alphabetically) exhibits the range of skill and creativity of not only the pioneering female artists, but those working today, who no longer need to be qualified as 'women artists.'
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SR Set: Wall Painting in Antiquity
Title: SR Set: Wall Painting in Antiquity
Description: Wall painting in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome was distinctive to each culture, but moving from one culture to another through the centuries. The flow of style and design moves gracefully from the earliest Old Kingdom tomb paintings to the lush interiors at Pompeii and Herculaneum, which were frozen in time in Mount Vesuvius' 79 CE eruption. The formal Egyptian canon varied little for nearly three thousand years and was to be adapted and enriched in Minoan frescoes, the forerunners of a freer Greek style of painting. Egyptian wall painting was done directly on limestone or on a coat of dried plaster; unlike the Minoan and later Roman wall paintings which were worked in true fresco form in wet plaster. In this set Roman wall paintings are divided into the four styles described by August Mau in the 19th century; while some of our Egyptian examples are facsimiles by Egyptologists Norman and Nina Davies and Charles K. Wilkinson done in the early Twentieth century.
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SR Set: Scale Models from Ancient to Modern Times
Title: SR Set: Scale Models from Ancient to Modern Times
Description: This diverse and entertaining set, with examples arranged in roughly chronological order, is drawn from over a dozen different Scholars Resource vendors, and is appropriate to a number of disciplines. Found here is a model of the Solar Barge of the Pharaoh Khufu from 2500 BCE, unearthed beside the Great Pyramid; a variety of models made from Leonardo da Vinci's drawings; or a model of the Bastille carved from a single large stone of the demolished prison. Architectural models are well represented, and accompanied with images of the completed buildings. Other examples include funerary models, religious or ceremonial paraphernalia, and historical or cultural reconstructions as in the artists' renditions of the Tower of Babel.
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SR Set: Furniture
Title: SR Set: Furniture
Description: Furniture reflects the changing styles, needs and cultural influences over the years. Our collection is rich in examples of Baroque to modern design with particular emphasis on fine specimen from the Museum of Modern Art.
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