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SR Set: St.Petersburg and Moscow: then and now
Title: SR Set: St.Petersburg and Moscow: then and now
Description: In an effort to build up strategic access to the Baltic Sea, Czar Peter the Great began to develop St. Petersburg in 1703. Architects from all across Europe began to design, build and record the cultural center of Russia. With brief interruptions, when Moscow became the capital, St. Petersburg and Catherine the Great's influence on the city is still reflected strongly in its architecture, literature and history.
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SR Set: The Architecture of Antonio Gaudi
Title: SR Set: The Architecture of Antonio Gaudi
Description: In this chronological arrangement--from the first official commission in 1888 to the artist's masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia (to be finished by 2028)--a passion for nature and religion can be seen in Gaudi's works of architecture. Backed by a well-to-do patron (Count Eusebi Guell) in his early years, Gaudi stayed true to an organic style using natural materials, such as ceramics, stained glass, wrought iron work and wood.
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SR Set: Ancient Art: Greek Architecture
Title: SR Set: Ancient Art: Greek Architecture
Description: The images in this set cover the wide spectrum of Greek architecture with examples ranging from the late Bronze Age Palace of Minos at Knossos, through the Mycenaean period citadel and related tholoi such as the so-called Treasury of Atreus; and to the early Doric or Archaic temples at Paestum and Corinth and the transitional fifth century temple of Aphaia at Aegina. The Early Classical temple of Poseidon (temple of Hera II) at Paestum predates the Classical ideal, the Parthenon on the Acropolis at Athens. Other Classical structures on the Acropolis include the Propylaea, the tiny Ionic temple of Athena Nike, and the multi-purpose Erechtheion. Also included in the set is the Sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi with its variety of structures, the theatre at Epidauros, the ruins of the temple of Zeus at Nemea. Monuments from further afield include examples from Greek settlements in Ephesus, Pergamum and Priene in Turkey, and Agrigento in Sicily.
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SR Set: Ancient Art: Roman Architecture
Title: SR Set: Ancient Art: Roman Architecture
Description: Roman architecture illustrated in this set is characterized by the trabeated frontal temple type such as the temple of Fortuna Virilis (Portunus), but more especially by the arcuated plastic forms of the round arch and vaulting, which was enabled by the revolutionary development of structurae caementiciae, or concrete. Innovative use of concrete enabled the construction of such monuments as the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the Markets of Trajan. Other Roman monuments included here are the remains of structures of the various Roman Fora; the Ara Pacis Augustae; triumphal arches of Titus, and Constantine; and the nearby seaside town of Ostia Antica. Also included are monuments from the far flung regions of the empire: the Maison Carrée and Pont du Gard in France, the Aqueduct in Segovia, Spain, and Hadrian's Wall in Britain. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR Set: Italian Baroque Architecture and Sculptural Decor
Title: SR Set: Italian Baroque Architecture and Sculptural Decor
Description: The stunning range and selection of works of the Baroque era in Italy is exemplified by this group of architectural images. Represented here are the icons of glorious Italian Baroque architecture: Bernini, Maderno, Borromini, Pietro da Cortona, Giambologna, Giacomo della Porta, Andrea Pozzi and Giuseppe Sardi, among others.
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SR Set: Contemporary Architecture
Title: SR Set: Contemporary Architecture
Description: Striking contemporary architecture built since 1980 in Western Europe and the United States, and the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.
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SR Set: Gothic Architecture in Northern Europe
Title: SR Set: Gothic Architecture in Northern Europe
Description: The set includes a range of examples from the Early French Gothic St. Denis, to the "purest realization" of High Gothic at Amiens Cathedral. Gothic architecture from England and Germany are included, as are examples of stained glass from Chartres.
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SR Set: Spanish Colonial
Title: SR Set: Spanish Colonial
Description: Spanish Colonial Architecture from Barry Kiracofe
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SR Set: Islamic Architecture
Title: SR Set: Islamic Architecture
Description: The vendors of Scholars Resource offer images of Islamic architecture that range across centuries as well as continents. Here are mosques, medrasahs, ribats, tombs and palaces. Mosques are especially well represented: from classic examples of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul and the Great Mosque at Cordoba to the Great Mosque at Kairouan in Tunisia and the enormous 20th c. Mosque of Hussan II in Casablanca.
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SR-Set: German Churches
Title: SR-Set: German Churches
Description: From parish churches to abbeys and cathedrals our selection of churches in Germany offers architectural styles ranging from Ottonian, Romanesque, and Gothic through the Baroque. Examples include the stark simplicity of Ottmarsheim, the majestic tower of Paderborn, the imposing westwerk of Gandersheim, and the historically notable Abbey of St. Hildegard of Bingen founded by her in 1165. Sculpted works include column capitals, portal figures, carved choir stalls and the magnificent Bamberger Rider. 4/09 Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR-Set: English Cathedrals
Title: SR-Set: English Cathedrals
Description: English cathedrals are distinguished by their architectural diversity: from largely Norman Durham; Early English Salisbury; the Decorated style of the west fronts of York and Lichfield; to the Perpendicular cloister fan-vaulting at Gloucester. Their architecture is also diverse within individual buildings as at Canterbury with its Norman crypt and Perpendicular nave. Of all these buildings only Salisbury maintains a largely consistent stylistic unity throughout. Notable individual architectural details include the magnificent scissors arch at Wells, the Angel Choir at Lincoln, ornate bosses at Norwich, and the original wooden ceiling of the nave at Peterborough.
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SR-Set: Gardens and Landscape Architecture
Title: SR-Set: Gardens and Landscape Architecture
Description: From informally exuberant cottage gardens to geometrically clipped formal gardens these images depict plans, sculpture and other garden ornament, fountains, ponds, allées, specimen plants, etc. Depicted in photographs, paintings, manuscripts, and tapestries are views of the Garden of Eden, Egyptian settings, medieval Hortus Conclusus, formal Renaissance gardens, Islamic gardens of the Alhambra, eighteenth century landscape gardens, and contemporary gardens of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Historic sites include the aptly named Lingering Garden in China, the elegant kitchen gardens at Villandry in France, André Le Nôtre’s royal vistas at Versailles, and Frederick Law Olmsted’s magnificent Central Park, New York
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SR-Set: Vernacular Architecture
Title: SR-Set: Vernacular Architecture
Description: A set of images depicting Vernacular architecture which includes a wide range of cultural and geographic styles and building materials. These structures grew from the specific needs, local traditions, and materials available to the builders. Building materials include adobe, logs, brick and stone, and structures range from ancient stone cliff dwellings to Bedouin tents, and half-timbered buildings to clapboard farmhouses.
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SR-Set: The New Paris of Baron Haussmann
Title: SR-Set: The New Paris of Baron Haussmann
Description: Paintings, historic photographs, and engravings from last half of the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century illustrate the modernization of Paris by Georges-Eugène Haussmann. Views of the narrow medieval streets before their destruction of the Old Paris and the demolitions and improvements of the New Paris offer ideal material for historians and city planners alike. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR-Set: World Expositions
Title: SR-Set: World Expositions
Description: Images illustrating some of the architectural innovations of various world expositions, exhibitions, and fairs include the Great Exhibition in London, 1851; the Paris Universal Expositions of 1878, 1889, and 1900; Barcelona International of 1929; and Century 21 Exposition in Seattle 1962. Notable buildings include the Crystal Palace, the Eiffel Tower, and the Seattle Space Needle. Also included are Japanese postcard views of structures from Japanese Exhibitions such as the Tokyo Industrial Exhibition and the Peace Exhibition.
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SR Set: A Lyrical Interpretation of French Churches
Title: SR Set: A Lyrical Interpretation of French Churches
Description: These images of French churches, as seen through the eye of Anthony Scibilia, reflect the peace and tranquility these houses of worship induce. With his background in music and art history, Anthony Scibilia conveys a respect for the atmosphere of place and an appreciative eye for the beauty of these magnificent works of art.
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SR Set: Swedish churches
Title: SR Set: Swedish churches
Description: These images of Swedish churches, dating from the twelfth through the sixteenth centuries, are of special interest to those wishing to compare and contrast the architecture of the north with more familiar architecture of western Europe, and to discover the distinctive elements that set them apart. The buildings range from a group of ruined remains in the medieval city of Visby in Gotland; to charming parish churches like St. Mary's Church, Sigtuna or the Parish Church at Höor; and the striking cathedrals at Växjö, Lund and Uppsala.
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SR Set: Hudson River School
Title: SR Set: Hudson River School
Description: During the mid nineteenth century the artists of the Hudson River School depicted romantic landscapes of the American wilderness, particularly the Hudson River Valley, and the Adirondack, Catskill and White Mountains. They instilled an overwhelming sense of the Creator in these sublime and often idealized landscapes and their interest in the natural beauty of their vast country, its exploration and settlement, carried some to the even wilder western regions. Our set also includes works by these artists done during their forays beyond the shores of North America. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR Set: Architectural Design: Drawings and Engravings
Title: SR Set: Architectural Design: Drawings and Engravings
Description: Architectural design, Illustration and perspective views. Plans and elevations, architects drawings, and artists' renditions. Views of historic buildings, works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Palladio, Saarinen, Otto Wagner, Bernini, Hector d'Espouy and others. 43 Davis images added recently of works by 20th century architects (listed at the end).
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SR Set: Palladio
Title: SR Set: Palladio
Description: Andrea Palladio (30 November 1508 – 19 August 1580), 'The last of the great Humanist architects,' (Trachtenberg) and his ideas have played an important part in architectural design since his time. Here are examples of his noted designs, complete with plans and elevations from "Le fabbriche e i disegni di Andrea Palladio," a 1796 edition by Ottavio Bertotti-Scamozzi (1719-90).
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SR Set: Historic Black and White Photographs to 1900
Title: SR Set: Historic Black and White Photographs to 1900
Description: Historic photographs are interesting for many reasons and can serve various purposes. Édouard Baldus, Éugene Atget, Adolphe Giraudon, Charles Marville and Carleton E. Watkins, are among the early photographers who set out to document important monuments at home and in far-flung places: churches, monuments, street scenes, and city views. Our image set includes photographs taken before 1900 in France, England, the Middle East and the United States.
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SR Set: The British in India
Title: SR Set: The British in India
Description: There is still much evidence of British rule in India, even after the last Viceroy left in 1947. Beginning with the East India Company and followed by more formal British rule, finally ending with the separation of India into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India in 1947, these images document the still-remaining monuments to the British Raj.
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Highlighting Scholars Resource's vendors: ARCHIVISION
Title: Highlighting Scholars Resource's vendors: ARCHIVISION
Description: Traveling the world in search of inspiration, Scott Gilchrist documents architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and public art through the eyes of an architect and artist. His finely tuned eye captures art history’s iconic buildings--as well as those that are simply interesting—from Toronto and Montreal to Moscow, from North Africa to Beijing and Washington and presents them with rich, accurate data to educators and visual image professionals. Special collections on architectural elements, plans, drawings and topographical views help us to understand technique, design, cultures and the many building materials used over time. Scholars Resource now includes images from all modules through number 10, bringing the total number of images to 78,000. See the extensive collection at, then click on Vendor and Archivision.
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Highlighting Scholars Resource's Vendors: CANYONLIGHTS
Title: Highlighting Scholars Resource's Vendors: CANYONLIGHTS
Description: Canyonlights' Dr. Susan Silberberg-Peirce has been photographing the ancient and natural worlds for thirty years. Her images, utilized in teaching and research institutions worldwide, have been published in professional books and journals. Her fine art photographs have been exhibited and are included in public and private collections worldwide. Susan attended UCLA where she studied art and art history, receiving her Ph.D. in Greek and Roman art. Throughout her years as a student and instructor, she was interested in photography and utilized her own images in the classroom and for publication. She taught art history for eighteen years at universities in Arizona and Colorado and in both places, photographed architecture, archaeological sites and the natural world. She received various grants and fellowships during her years as a professor that allowed her to travel and document historic architecture and ancient sites abroad and in the American Southwest. Canyonlights World Art Image Bank grew out of the collections of slides taken during this period. Her experience working at the Photo Archives of the Getty Center for the Arts and Humanities helped her to organize her own archive that today supplies images to scholars, libraries and universities worldwide. The Canyonlights Archive incorporates 6,727 images and is available for licensing as an archive as well as on a subscription basis for easy access on the vrcHOST platform for very reasonable rates.
Views: 250
SR Set: National Monuments and Monuments to Genius
Title: SR Set: National Monuments and Monuments to Genius
Description: The images in this set are suggested by Nikolaus Pevsner in his book "A History of Building Types." His examples include monuments referring to persons or leaders or events instrumental in creating a nation or in celebrating the sense of nationhood, or national genius. Pevsner drew on the nineteenth century classical types inherited from the Romans: the column, as in Trajan's Column; the triumphal arch like those of the Emperors Titus and Constantine; and the equestrian statue such as that of Marcus Aurelius. We have gone beyond this threesome of classical types with the inclusion of such monuments as the Vietnam War Memorial.
Views: 146
SR Set: Restoration in Havana, Cuba
Title: SR Set: Restoration in Havana, Cuba
Description: The opening of the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba in August of 2015 has sparked increased interest in visiting the island. The elegant photography of Canadian Marlene Harris (prev. Hartill) of Veritas Imaging, opens our eyes to the amazing restoration of outstanding examples of early Spanish colonial architecture and some classic examples of early twentieth century in this once grand city of Havana. It is to be hoped that increased tourism will encourage and speed up work on an even wider scale. This Image Set includes examples of unrestored as well as beautifully restored buildings of great dignity.
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SR Set: Architecture of the Twenty-first Century
Title: SR Set: Architecture of the Twenty-first Century
Description: Although barely two decades into the twenty-first century, the wealth of new architecture across the globe is exhilarating. In a remarkably short period of time we have seen a new advancement in technology and building materials that have changed the way buildings are being designed and built. Our sampling of this breathtaking new architecture comes from places like Toronto, Chicago and Los Angeles in North America; London, Zurich and Barcelona in Europe; and on to Dubai and Beijing. Among the architects represented here are Daniel Libeskind, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel, and Santiago Calatrava Valls.
Views: 475
SR Set: Frank Lloyd Wright
Title: SR Set: Frank Lloyd Wright
Description: These essential images of buildings spanning seventy years of Frank Lloyd Wright design are listed (roughly) in chronological order so as to illustrate the evolution and progression of the master's creative thinking. Wright believed in integrating architecture with the landscape, and visually connecting interior and exterior spaces, amply illustrated by his iconic Falling Water at Bear Run. His Prairie Style featured long low horizontal lines, shallow sloping roofs, and deep cantilevered overhanging eaves, as seen in the Robie House in Chicago. Organic designs contrast the low, desert-hugging stone and concrete of Taliesin West with bold gleaming curves of the Guggenheim Museum spiraling up from urban streets of New York City. Later innovative styles include construction with precast concrete blocks embellished with Mayan-influenced textural designs seen in the Millard House in California.
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SR Set: History of Garden Style and Design
Title: SR Set: History of Garden Style and Design
Description: The long history of western garden style and design is illustrated with images from Ancient Egypt to the twentieth century. Here are painted gardens from Egyptian tombs and reconstructed peristyle gardens from Roman Pompeii. Medieval herb and vegetable gardens of monastic cloisters came to symbolize the spiritual life as an enclosed garden, or Hortus Conclusus, an allegory for Eden or paradise. Classical ideals of order and beauty emerged in Italy as terraced Renaissance gardens of shaded paths, cascading fountains, and clipped parterres. In France, grand formal gardens of symmetrical parterres, basins and vistas, as seen at Versailles, were to be followed in England by a relaxed landscape of hills dotted with trees, lakes, and allegorical temples. In the twentieth century these preceding styles were to be combined with cottage gardens, garden rooms and exuberant planting in gardens like the one at Sissinghurst Castle Garden.
Views: 381
SR Set: Rediscovering Cuba
Title: SR Set: Rediscovering Cuba
Description: Havana, Cuba is celebrating it's foundation 500 years ago! Our Canadian friends and vendors have discovered--and documented--Cuba's fascinating architecture and--lately--its extraordinary efforts at restoration of many historic buildings in Havana. Scholars Resource offers a glimpse of what awaits!
Views: 135
SR Set: Structural Engineering Marvels
Title: SR Set: Structural Engineering Marvels
Description: We stand in awe in front of some structures, simply because they seem so audacious and daring in the use of materials and design. And yet, a static equilibrium has been achieved, beginning in prehistoric times, throughout the centuries and ever more bold in our time with the help of computer programs. Master builders—often unknown—have shaped our sensitivity to our environment, our culture and sense of scale, our sense of belonging. While in no way comprehensive or complete, this group examines examples that stand out in their awe-inspiring nature, simply, because for the time they were built, they truly marked a new chapter in design and technological possibility.
Views: 189
SR Set: Italian Infuence on French Art
Title: SR Set: Italian Infuence on French Art
Description: The influence of Italian art in France arose largely during the Renaissance and Mannerist periods. From the 1497 French invasion of Italy, the importation of artists and ideas joined those from Burgundy and Flanders to create what is now known as the French Renaissance. In 1516 Leonardo Da Vinci was invited by François 1er to the Chateau d'Amboise, where he spent the remainder of his life. François also invited Italian artists such as Primaticcio, Cellini, and Rosso Fiorentino, to work on his Chateau at Fontainebleau. These collaborations resulted in the School of Fontainebleau with its elegant, elongated Mannerist figures. In the following century Bernini was invited to design the east front of the Louvre; designs that were ultimately rejected as France chose to go her own flamboyant way without the influence of Italian artists.
Views: 133
SR Set: Zaha Hadid and Her Contemporaries
Title: SR Set: Zaha Hadid and Her Contemporaries
Description: With the death of Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) a great visionary architect was lost. While she dealt with space in an optimal way, she--and some of her contemporaries--expanded their thinking and design into the unknown and created utopian architecture. Our examples are listed in chronological order, beginning with Zara Hadid's designs, then designs of her contemporaries, built from the 1990's to 2010. For additional views on most works listed here, click on catalog number to view the full range of images.
Views: 158
SR Set: Chateaux of the Loire
Title: SR Set: Chateaux of the Loire
Description: The legendary chateaux of the Loire, offered here by the vendors of Scholars Resource, range from the massive feudal donjon at Loches, to the baroque extravagance of Versailles, and include favorites such as Chenonceau elegantly spanning the river Cher and Chambord crowned with its forest of chimneys. Perhaps less well known are Saumur, pictured in the Duke of Berry’s Très Riches Heures, and the chateau of Blois and Chinon associated with Joan of Arc. The set includes images of sumptuous interiors and gardens; and personages and historic events associated with these sites.
Views: 497