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SR Set: Martin Luther and the 925 Theses
Title: SR Set: Martin Luther and the 925 Theses
Description: In 2017 Wittenberg, Germany will celebrate the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the door of the All Saints Church. Personalities and events around the "Dispensation on the Power of Indulgences" and the beginning of the Protestant Reformation are documented here with relevant images.
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SR Set: Tomb Sculpture
Title: SR Set: Tomb Sculpture
Description: Reverence has been paid to the dead throughout history, albeit in different ways: with different structures in various materials, with symbols pertaining to an afterlife, with celebrations of glorious achievements, with moving, personal messages or grim reminders of "sic transit gloria mundi."
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SR Set: Geology and The Forces of Nature
Title: SR Set: Geology and The Forces of Nature
Description: Nature--our natural world--has long been the topic of endless fascination. As geologists, explorers, archaeologists and climatologists have learned more about the forces of nature, artists have captured--and preserved on canvas-- unadulterated landscapes that evoke awe and respect. Finally, the medium of photography helps to bring to the classroom images of specimens and formations from millions of years ago.
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SR Set: Jerusalem and its Rich History
Title: SR Set: Jerusalem and its Rich History
Description: The long--often turbulent--history of Jerusalem is being explored in this image set. Fragments and documents are left in stone, on manuscripts and on canvas of the many conquests and influences beginning (in our group) with Kind David, the destruction of the city in 587 BC, Alexander's conquest in 332 BC, the Roman period beginning in 63 BC, the story of Jesus Christ, the Early Muslim period with the construction of the Dome of the Rock, the arrival of the Crusaders in 1099 and finally the Ottomans and the beginning of the State of Israel in 1948.
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SR Set: Founding Fathers of the United States
Title: SR Set: Founding Fathers of the United States
Description: Scholars Resource delves into the history of these United States: historical figures and their accomplishments in pursuit of winning American independence and establishing the United States of America in 1776.
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SR Set: The European Influence (Influx) on the American Continent
Title: SR Set: The European Influence (Influx) on the American Continent
Description: Christopher Columbus may not have been the first European to set foot on the American continent but many Europeans followed in the hope of finding fortune in this unexplored new land. Explorers, pilgrims and groups of settlers encountered immense hardship and opposition from the native population, all the while attempting to maintain their culture and language. This Image Group explores enduring influences some noted Europeans have had on this country.
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SR Set: Major Religions: Judaism
Title: SR Set: Major Religions: Judaism
Description: With an apparent major restructuring of the Middle East, Scholars Resource's visual library offers insights into the history of major religions and points out the common roots and origins among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Part I: Judaism examines the history of the Jews as told in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), and is drawn from illuminated manuscripts, painting, and sculpture. Also included are cultural imagery, religious paraphernalia, synagogues, cemeteries, historical figures and places, and the depiction of contemporary Jewish life in the works of Max Ferguson. All these images, from artists throughout the centuries, illustrate and enhance the rich culture of one of the world's great religions.
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SR Set: Major Religions: Christianity
Title: SR Set: Major Religions: Christianity
Description: With an apparent major restructuring of the Middle East, Scholars Resource's visual library offers insights into the history of major religions and points out common roots and origins: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. Part II: Christianity is organized as follows: Life of Christ, Disciples and Apostles, Early Christian and Byzantine churches, Crusaders, early Popes (including Pope Urban II who sanctioned the first crusade), the Church Fathers (Western Church), Martin Luther and the Reformation, Henry VIII and the beginnings of the Anglican Church, Gothic cathedrals, the Inquisition, the Catholic Church in the Baroque and spreading the faith outside Europe.
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SR Set: Between two World Wars and the Rise of Naziism
Title: SR Set: Between two World Wars and the Rise of Naziism
Description: This set highlights the dramatic political, cultural and social changes that changed Europe and Russia between the world wars. While the Russian Revolution of 1917 ushered in a Communist revolutionary wave over many countries, economic woes in Germany after World War I made way for the Weimar Republic, with Berlin becoming a thriving center of new art movements. Artists used satire to attack the evils of war and its devastating consequences, while urbanization prompted new housing construction methods and types. The Bauhaus school revolutionized architecture and the arts and intellectual pursuits flourished. With rising economic tensions and continuing resentment about conditions forced upon Germany at Versailles, the Nazi party continued to gain ground until Adolf Hitler’s delusions finally sunk all of Europe and Russia into darkness at the end of World War II. We look back one hundred years to the start of World War I and at some of the ingenious inventions and devastating consequences of the two world wars on Germany and the world, in the hope that future wars can be prevented.
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SR Set: Napoleon and His Reign
Title: SR Set: Napoleon and His Reign
Description: The extraordinary life of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) is illustrated here in images ranging from official portraits to political cartoons, from family members to allies and enemies, and from successful military campaigns to defeats. These people and events are portrayed by the artists of the day, most notably Jacques-Louis David, Antoine-Jean Gros, Antonio Canova, Baron François Gerard, Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier and Francisco José Goya y Lucientes.
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SR Set: The Mighty Roman Empire (SPQR)
Title: SR Set: The Mighty Roman Empire (SPQR)
Description: Maps of Europe until the fifth century AD leave us in awe of the influence the Roman Empire exerted all around the Mediterranean and upon the European--and parts of the Asian--continents. The empire in the east extended in various forms until 1453 with the death of Constantine XI and the capture of Constantinople by Mehmed II, leader of the Ottoman Turks. Our Image Set explores the many settlements and monuments the Romans left behind in what was an early version of a united Europe (quarrels notwithstanding).
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SR Set: Major Religions: Islam
Title: SR Set: Major Religions: Islam
Description: Scholars Resource offers a visual library with insights into the history of major religions and points out the common roots and origins among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Part III: Islam. The culture of Islam is examined from our western perspective and largely through the art and architecture produced by the various periods throughout its history: Umayyad, Abbasid, Nasrid, Almoravid, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluk, Il Khanid, Seljuk, Timurid, Safavid, Mughal, Ottoman, etc. Of particular interest is the elegant and ubiquitous calligraphy expressing the fundamental faith of Islam from the Qur'an; found not only in manuscripts but forming the very structure of daily life and faith by its decorative presence on mosques, textiles , ceramic tile-work, and everyday objects.
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SR Set: The British in India
Title: SR Set: The British in India
Description: There is still much evidence of British rule in India, even after the last Viceroy left in 1947. Beginning with the East India Company and followed by more formal British rule, finally ending with the separation of India into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India in 1947, these images document the still-remaining monuments to the British Raj.
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SR Set: Dresden and its Treasures
Title: SR Set: Dresden and its Treasures
Description: Dresden and Saxony--in the heart of Europe--has a long and important history as royal residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony. Our set illustrates some of the cultural and architectural treasures of this "jewel on the Elbe," beginning with the "Fuerstenzug" (Procession of the Princes), notable Saxon portraits, views of Dresden on the Elbe by Bellotto and other artists, works of art in the Galerie der Alten Meister and sculptures in the palace collection, examples from the Meissen Porzellan Manufaktur nearby and views of the Baroque and Rococo architecture that has been so beautifully restored after the war.
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SR Set: The Late Eighteenth Century: from Marie Antoinette to Napeoleon
Title: SR Set: The Late Eighteenth Century: from Marie Antoinette to Napeoleon
Description: In the late Eighteenth century, the Hapsburg influence across Europe was magnified by the marriage of Maria Antonia (sixteenth child of Maria Theresia) to Louis-Auguste, the Dauphin, in 1770. The reign of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI came to represent a time of great change, not only all across Europe but also in England and the just-born United States. This Image Set captures some of the cultural and historic changes taking place, when opulence gave way to the rights of man and to a simpler, more classical style.
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SR Set: Papal Monuments in St. Peter's Basilica
Title: SR Set: Papal Monuments in St. Peter's Basilica
Description: St. Peter's Basilica photographed in exquisite detail (including some in black and white): all Papal Tombs, the Cathedra, the Baldacchino, the Altar of the Holy Sacrament, Bernini's Angels, Decorations of Chapels the Nave, Statue of St. Peter as well as the Piazza San Pietro.
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SR Set: Ancient Egypt: Artifacts, Culture and History
Title: SR Set: Ancient Egypt: Artifacts, Culture and History
Description: From predynastic to the Ptolemaic era, the art of Ancient Egypt illustrates a history and culture spanning 3000 years. Included here are sculptures of gods, Pharaohs and Queens, as well as lesser figures of officials and scribes. Tomb reliefs depict scenes of daily life ranging from hunting and fishing to farming and masonry, while artifacts from jewelry and furniture to funerary objects and mummies, give a full picture of the cultural wealth of ancient Egypt. The set is a pendant to CDR-1202 Egyptian Architecture. (
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SR Set: Historic Events
Title: SR Set: Historic Events
Description: Bringing history to life with images! Depictions of Land Battles, Sea Battles, Victories, Defeats, Surrenders, Grand Councils, Treaty Celebrations, Coronations, Executions, Assassinations, Weddings, Funerals, and natural disasters. This broad gathering of Historic Events is reported pictorially in the form of paintings, engravings, models, medallions, and reliefs. 4/07 For Historic Personages, please see Set CDR-1070 For Historic Costumes, Fashions and Uniforms, please see Set CDR-1178
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SR-Set: Images of Jewish Culture and History
Title: SR-Set: Images of Jewish Culture and History
Description: Images ranging from medieval Haggadahs and Megillahs; Synagogues, cemeteries and Holocaust Memorials; figures and scenes from the Hebrew Bible; and views of contemporary life are gathered here to illustrate the unique qualities of Jewish culture. (4/2009) Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR-Set: Work/Occupations
Title: SR-Set: Work/Occupations
Description: Ever since 'Adam delved, and Eve span' mankind has been working. The images in this set depict occupations ranging from merchants to musicians, farmers to fishermen, and from seamstresses to soldiers. Examples are drawn from diverse sources: painting, sculpture, manuscripts, coins, Egyptian and Roman wall painting, and political posters.
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SR-Set: Babylon
Title: SR-Set: Babylon
Description: The recent NYT article on the controversial opening to the public of the ancient site of Babylon and the concern over its fate, and of other important archaeological sites, has prompted us to re-examine the variety of these related works offered by the vendors of Scholars Resource. Our set gathers works originating from sites in Iraq, and Mesopotamia in general; sparking the interest and concern for the fate of the many works as yet to be discovered and excavated. For our earlier Image Set on Ancient Near Eastern Art, please consult CDR-2207.
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SR Set: Chateaux of the Loire
Title: SR Set: Chateaux of the Loire
Description: The legendary chateaux of the Loire, offered here by the vendors of Scholars Resource, range from the massive feudal donjon at Loches, to the baroque extravagance of Versailles, and include favorites such as Chenonceau elegantly spanning the river Cher and Chambord crowned with its forest of chimneys. Perhaps less well known are Saumur, pictured in the Duke of Berry’s Très Riches Heures, and the chateau of Blois and Chinon associated with Joan of Arc. The set includes images of sumptuous interiors and gardens; and personages and historic events associated with these sites.
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SR-Set: America In Its Infancy
Title: SR-Set: America In Its Infancy
Description: The history of our country in its early years is depicted here with images not only of historical events, but also of people, places, architecture and household accouterments. From explorers to colonists to revolutionaries these images bring the story to life: Columbus and his little flotilla on the high seas; the landing of the Mayflower; the hardships of Jamestown; Boston’s tea party; and Washington crossing the Delaware. Portraits range from the iconic face of George Washington to lesser known characters in the drama. Expanding on the historical persona and events, examples of architecture, interiors, furnishings and household goods expand our understanding of the people and events of the time
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SR-Set: Black History
Title: SR-Set: Black History
Description: Multi-faceted Black History is illustrated here with views of native Africans, enslaved peoples in Europe and North and South America; and the struggles of freedmen. Portrayals of Blacks in paintings and sculpture range from scenes of servitude to the visit of the Magi at the Nativity of Christ. Portraits include noted abolitionists such as William Wilberforce and Abraham Lincoln, and other historical figures such as Frederick Douglass and Mary Seacole.
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SR-Set: The New Paris of Baron Haussmann
Title: SR-Set: The New Paris of Baron Haussmann
Description: Paintings, historic photographs, and engravings from last half of the nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century illustrate the modernization of Paris by Georges-Eugène Haussmann. Views of the narrow medieval streets before their destruction of the Old Paris and the demolitions and improvements of the New Paris offer ideal material for historians and city planners alike. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR-Set: World Expositions
Title: SR-Set: World Expositions
Description: Images illustrating some of the architectural innovations of various world expositions, exhibitions, and fairs include the Great Exhibition in London, 1851; the Paris Universal Expositions of 1878, 1889, and 1900; Barcelona International of 1929; and Century 21 Exposition in Seattle 1962. Notable buildings include the Crystal Palace, the Eiffel Tower, and the Seattle Space Needle. Also included are Japanese postcard views of structures from Japanese Exhibitions such as the Tokyo Industrial Exhibition and the Peace Exhibition.
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SR-Set: Episodes in French History: 1870-1871, The Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune
Title: SR-Set: Episodes in French History: 1870-1871, The Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune
Description: The Siege of Paris, a final episode in the Franco-Prussian War, led directly to the uprising that culminated in the Paris Commune. In the aftermath of the war, the disappointment in the French government by Paris workers and National Guards and their objection to continued presence of German troops brought about the establishment of the Paris Commune in April & May of 1871. These images illustrate events leading up to the Siege of Paris as well as the devastating events of the siege itself, and the consequential events of the Paris Commune.
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SR Set: Historic Personages
Title: SR Set: Historic Personages
Description: Portraits of members of the ruling houses of Europe and other historic personages are our link to the past; portraits served as documentation and glorification of one's own stature; portraits aided in forging strategic alliances in marriage and portraits help us to understand historic events.
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SR Set: Historic Berlin
Title: SR Set: Historic Berlin
Description: Berlin regained its prominence when Germany was unified again in 1989. Its historic core--750 years old in 1987--in Berlin-Mitte has been restored to its pre-war, historic glory: Unter den Linden with its grand old buildings, the Brandenburger Tor, the Museumsinsel and the Nikolaiviertel on the Fischer Insel recall Berlin's early beginnings and its grandeur under the Kaiser. After the Fall of the Wall, Berlin once again is Germany's capital and center of culture and international acclaim, of modern architecture and political influence.
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SR Set: The American Civil War
Title: SR Set: The American Civil War
Description: Of particular interest for the teaching of American history, our images of the American Civil War offer portraits of the major players, portrayals of battle scenes, and artist's representations of historical events leading up to the war, including depictions of slavery. The inclusion of historic photographs add a sense of immediacy to the dramatic events they portray.
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SR Set: Historic Black and White Photographs to 1900
Title: SR Set: Historic Black and White Photographs to 1900
Description: Historic photographs are interesting for many reasons and can serve various purposes. Édouard Baldus, Éugene Atget, Adolphe Giraudon, Charles Marville and Carleton E. Watkins, are among the early photographers who set out to document important monuments at home and in far-flung places: churches, monuments, street scenes, and city views. Our image set includes photographs taken before 1900 in France, England, the Middle East and the United States.
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SR Set: The French Revolution
Title: SR Set: The French Revolution
Description: History tends to repeat itself. Or as George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." In light of today's world events we find Mr. Santayana's warning especially relevant and have chosen the French Revolution as a pertinent example to joggle our minds. We include personalities of the time: Louis XVI and his Queen Marie Antoinette; revolutionary figures of Lafayette, Robespierre, and the murdered Marat. Images of events include the Oath of the Tennis Court, the taking of the Bastille, the execution of Louis XVI, and the Coup d'État of 18 Brumaire, which essentially ended the revolution and established Napoleon as the first Consul of France in November 1799.
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SR Set: La Belle Epoque: 1871-1914
Title: SR Set: La Belle Epoque: 1871-1914
Description: Peace, stability and prosperity (for many) after the end of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871 set in motion immense advances in the sciences, in building technology and the arts in France and all across Europe (Jugendstil). An influx of cheap labor into urban centers enabled large projects to flourish: the Metro, the Eiffel Tower and the early beginnings of automobile production, among others. Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Gauguin, Matisse and others give a glimpse of the joyful life, accompanied in music and dance by the likes of Franz Lehar and Johann Strauss!
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SR Set: Early Medieval Art, ca.500 - ca.1000
Title: SR Set: Early Medieval Art, ca.500 - ca.1000
Description: Images of early medieval works from ca.500 to ca.1000 range from Pre-Romanesque Spanish church architecture to primitive stone structures of Ireland; from bejeweled buckles and brooches to great carved Celtic crosses; and from exotic Viking runes to colorful Mozarabic manuscripts and elegant carved ivories. Suitable for historians and art historians alike, the images illustrate a breadth of artistic and intellectual material that emerged from what was once considered the "Dark Ages".
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SR Set: Velázquez in Vienna
Title: SR Set: Velázquez in Vienna
Description: Exhibitions of works of art by great masters are exceptional and increasingly rare. In the planning stage for ten years, one such special exhibition opened at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna in November of 2015. As the Spanish Queen—who was present for the opening of the show-- remarked, the close relationship between Austria and Spain allowed for a rapid exchange of works of art by Velasquez, the court painter in Madrid. The exhibition--and Scholars Resource’s Image Set--begins with Velázquez'early years in Seville in the studio of his teacher Francisco Pacheco (whose daughter he married), his exploration of genre subjects (bodegones) and religious paintings. In his 37 years as court painter (beg.in Oct. 1623), Velázquez was free to develop his rich style of portraiture culminating in the Las Meninas. It is thought that the “portraits of the Spanish Hapsburgs painted in profusion by Velazquez are surely among the finest and best examples of court portraiture in the history of European art.” (Norbert Wolf: Diego Velazquez, 1599-1660, The Face of Spain).
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SR Set: The Lasting Legacy of Emperor Constantine
Title: SR Set: The Lasting Legacy of Emperor Constantine
Description: It is argued that Christianity would not have survived to become the major religion it is today were it not for the critical role Constantine played in its establishment. History has acknowledged him as a successful secular leader and an administrator known for civil and military reform, but he is particularly noted for promoting Christianity after the establishment of religious tolerance with the Edict of Milan. Our set illustrates events in Constantine's life, his mother Helena's influence, his baptism, and the establishment of the new city of Constantinople. It also includes important early figures in the church and examples of church architecture that proliferated under his widespread influence.
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SR Set: Women of Influence
Title: SR Set: Women of Influence
Description: These women of note, historical, religious, and even mythological, have all influenced our culture, indeed our very existence in the world in one way or another. They range from rulers, thinkers, writers, artists, scientists, or individuals who have affected our lives in positive or negative ways. We offer this selection as our archive allows, in chronological order, often with a sampling of their work and portrayals by varied artists.
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SR Set: Maria Theresa-born 300 years ago
Title: SR Set: Maria Theresa-born 300 years ago
Description: Maria Theresa (13 May 1717-29 November 1780), the last Habsburg ruler over much of Europe led a truly remarkable life. Discriminated against for her gender, Charles VI worked all his life and tried to secure his daughter's succession in the "Pragmatic Sanction." Promised in marriage to Franz of Lorraine at age 4 (the marriage took place 15 years later), she bore 16 children during her 40-year reign, while defending her territories and reign during a number of "succession wars" and the Seven Years' war. Frederick II of Prussia--staunch enemy for most of her life-succeeded in occupying Silesia, but for the most part her diplomatic skills resulted in keeping the Habsburg kingdom together and was further extended by marrying off her daughters to the leading houses in Europe, with Marie-Antoinette caught up in the beginnings of the French Revolution. Marie Theresa introduced compulsory education for all children aged 6 to 14. She improved infrastructure, including the canals in Ghent; she was instrumental in the foundation of La Scala in Milan; she was open to medical practices introduced by Dutch physician Gerard van Swieten, the Habsbourg family doctor and many others.
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