Natural History/Sciences

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SR Set: Geology and The Forces of Nature
Title: SR Set: Geology and The Forces of Nature
Description: Nature--our natural world--has long been the topic of endless fascination. As geologists, explorers, archaeologists and climatologists have learned more about the forces of nature, artists have captured--and preserved on canvas-- unadulterated landscapes that evoke awe and respect. Finally, the medium of photography helps to bring to the classroom images of specimens and formations from millions of years ago.
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SR Set: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Title: SR Set: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Description: On June 30, 2015 a 'leap second' was added to make up the difference between International Atomic Time and Universal Time (or Astronomical Time). This event prompted us to explore the idea of time as it is represented visually in the Scholars Resource archive. The measurement of time began with the use of shadows cast by the sun as in sun dials or shadow clocks (among the earliest being ancient Egyptian obelisks). Over the centuries more elaborate instruments such as clocks, astrolabes, armillary spheres, etc. were developed particularly in pursuit of mapping celestial bodies for navigational purposes. The measurement of time remains an important element in navigation, be it for crossing the high seas in1492, navigating our quotidian life today, or traveling to the dwarf planet Pluto in the twenty-first century.
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SR Set: Human Sexuality
Title: SR Set: Human Sexuality
Description: The artistic interpretation of human sexuality and the human condition through the ages is well documented by the many vendor archives in Scholars Resource. Examples are drawn from such varied sources as prehistoric fertility figures, Roman mosaics, illuminated medieval manuscripts, and modern works. Here are classic depictions of the human body, sensual nudes, and erotic art as well as Biblical and mythological scenes, depictions of married couples, and family groups.
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SR Set: Images for the Sciences
Title: SR Set: Images for the Sciences
Description: Scholars Resource is looking to serve a wide range of disciplines. This academic image set relates to a variety of scientific disciplines: Medicine, Anatomy, Biology, Anthropology, Astronomy, Engineering, Physics, etc. Included are portraits of noted scientists and historical images of early experimentation, including the interest in Alchemy. These images are in the form of engravings, paintings, objects and models. Of particular interest are drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and the group of Models constructed from his drawings. Examples of early industrial technology include an automated loom of 1745; James Watt's Steam Engine of 1781; and the internal combustion engine of 1860.
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SR-Set: Agriculture
Title: SR-Set: Agriculture
Description: Our set offers images of the age-old agricultural practices of plowing, sowing and reaping, from Egyptian tomb painting to nineteenth century propaganda posters. Agrarian styles from diverse parts of the world include the Chinese silkworm industry, Mediterranean olives, and farming methods of Florida Indians. Here are lovely bucolic landscapes and sumptuous still lifes contrasted with the creative use of fruit and vegetables in the curious portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldi.
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SR-Set: Medical Images in Art
Title: SR-Set: Medical Images in Art
Description: Examples of medical conditions, treatments, supplies and knowledge in the field were selected for this set. Early depictions of spectacles (from 1575), skin conditions, facial disfigurement (inbreeding), early anatomical drawings and laboratories, dental extractions and surgeries are captured by the artists as permanent record of the times.
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SR-Set: Natural History Images
Title: SR-Set: Natural History Images
Description: Scholars Resource presents a group of elegant studies depicting flowering plants and birds, representing a multicultural and interdisciplinary range from ancient Egypt, to China and Japan, to Europe and America. These striking studies of single blossoms, improbable bouquets and a variety of bird species follow the tradition set by Carl Linnaeus to ensure documentation of these plants and animals against their possible demise. From Dürer’s study of humble wildflowers to the regal roses of Redouté, these works include fifteenth century medicinal herbs of Robinet Testard, birds of John James Audubon, Dutch flower pieces of Rachel Ruysch, exotic plant portraits of Martin Johnson Heade, and the resplendent sunflowers of Vincent Van Gogh, among others. (updated Nov. 2013).
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SR Set: Botanical Illustration
Title: SR Set: Botanical Illustration
Description: Our collection of Botanical illustration ranges from the 15th century Book of Simple Medicines illustrated by Robinet Testard to the 18th century paintings of Pierre-Joseph Redouté who worked under the patronage of both Queen Marie Antoinette and Josephine Beauharnais, and to the 19th century work of Martin Johnson Heade who painted plants in their habitats. These and the many other fine illustrators represented here describe plants for the purposes of study and identification, exhibiting technical botanical knowledge and paying particular attention to fine details of leaves, flowers, buds, seeds and roots. Also included in the set are a few herbarium examples.
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