Twentieth Century

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SR Set: ART21
Title: SR Set: ART21
Description: Contemporary Art: ART21
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SR Set: Five Abstract Expressionist Painters and a Muse
Title: SR Set: Five Abstract Expressionist Painters and a Muse
Description: Ruth Kligman was the sole survivor in a car crash in which Jackson Pollock died. An aspiring artist herself, her close--in some cases intimate--relationship with Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol and Franz Kline is remarkable for its on-going attraction to creativity and to well-known artists. Franz Kline's studio became Kligman's home after he died in 1962 until her own death in 2010.
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SR Set: Russian Artists in Western Europe, 1900-1940
Title: SR Set: Russian Artists in Western Europe, 1900-1940
Description: Russian artists made a major contribution in the exchange of ideas and styles among the international painters and sculptors working in western Europe between 1900 and 1940. Beginning with Sergei Diaghilev's introduction of Russian arts, music and dance, the west encountered new ideas from the flow of Russians to follow. In 1921 El Lissitzky became the Russian cultural ambassador to Weimar Germany, influencing both the Bauhaus and De Stijl movements. In Munich and Paris Russian students and emigres included Alexei Jawlensky, Wassily Kandinsky, Lyubov Popova, Sonia Delaunay, Alexander Archipenko and Marc Chagall. Russian artists such as these introduced new ideas of Suprematism and Neo-primitivism, while influencing the thinking and adding to the fertile brew of other current movements such as Symbolism, Cubism, Futurism, Fauvism.
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SR Set: The Bauhaus, 1919-1933
Title: SR Set: The Bauhaus, 1919-1933
Description: Industrialization across Europe in the mid 19th century resulted in a growing sense among many that mass-production and artistic expression could go hand in hand. An enormous influx of workers into cities necessitated large-scale housing projects at the beginning of the 20th century. Peter Behrens' 1907 AEG building demonstrated that art and industrial design--using concrete and steel--could very well generate artistic expression. Interrupted by World War I, Gropius in 1919 founded the Bauhaus in Weimar in the hope of reconciling fine arts and applied arts. His style of functional building was reflected in the many workers housing projects that Bruno Taut, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and others built in Berlin, Stuttgart and other metropolises. Hans Meyer's leadership (1928-30) resulted in important commissions and financial gain and his emphasis on mathematical accuracy may well have meant the beginning of pre-fabricated architectural components. Increasingly political difficulties intervened until finally the Dessau Bauhaus closed in 1930. Mies van der Rohe attempted to re-open the School in Berlin in 1932 but after only ten months Nazi politics and pressure resulted in the closure of the Bauhaus but not in the International style. Added 12/19: Gropius, Master's Houses for Kandinsky, Klee, Muche and Schlemmer
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SR Set: The Woodcut
Title: SR Set: The Woodcut
Description: The woodcut, that most elemental of print forms, arose in northern Europe around 1400 with the new availability of paper. The earliest prints were generally of a devotional nature and rapidly became popular, largely because of their affordability, in contrast to costly illuminated manuscripts. Early masters such as Dürer and Holbein took the woodcut to great heights, but it was quickly obscured by other print forms of engraving, etching, lithography, etc. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw a resurgence of the woodcut with artists like Gauguin and Munch exploring new techniques and aesthetics in an old medium, to be continued by the Die Brücke artists who saw the expressive power of brutal knife lines and gouges in a block of wood. Artists continue to explore the possibilities of the woodcut into the twenty-first century.
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SR Set: Restoration in Havana, Cuba
Title: SR Set: Restoration in Havana, Cuba
Description: The opening of the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba in August of 2015 has sparked increased interest in visiting the island. The elegant photography of Canadian Marlene Harris (prev. Hartill) of Veritas Imaging, opens our eyes to the amazing restoration of outstanding examples of early Spanish colonial architecture and some classic examples of early twentieth century in this once grand city of Havana. It is to be hoped that increased tourism will encourage and speed up work on an even wider scale. This Image Set includes examples of unrestored as well as beautifully restored buildings of great dignity.
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SR Set: Modern Sculpture
Title: SR Set: Modern Sculpture
Description: In this Image Set Scholars Resource examines extreme skill and craftsmanship in working with materials that do not always lend themselves to the shapes and forms intended or imagined. Sometimes undervalued or overlooked, works of sculpture--beginning with Rodin and listed here in order of decades--speak to the creativity and imagination of the artists and are a direct reflection of the time in which they were created.
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SR Set: Between two World Wars and the Rise of Naziism
Title: SR Set: Between two World Wars and the Rise of Naziism
Description: This set highlights the dramatic political, cultural and social changes that changed Europe and Russia between the world wars. While the Russian Revolution of 1917 ushered in a Communist revolutionary wave over many countries, economic woes in Germany after World War I made way for the Weimar Republic, with Berlin becoming a thriving center of new art movements. Artists used satire to attack the evils of war and its devastating consequences, while urbanization prompted new housing construction methods and types. The Bauhaus school revolutionized architecture and the arts and intellectual pursuits flourished. With rising economic tensions and continuing resentment about conditions forced upon Germany at Versailles, the Nazi party continued to gain ground until Adolf Hitler’s delusions finally sunk all of Europe and Russia into darkness at the end of World War II. We look back one hundred years to the start of World War I and at some of the ingenious inventions and devastating consequences of the two world wars on Germany and the world, in the hope that future wars can be prevented.
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SR Set: Inimitable New York City
Title: SR Set: Inimitable New York City
Description: Underneath the constantly changing face of New York City remains its essential vibrant personality illustrated here in historic photographs, architecture and paintings. Among photographs by Jacob Riis and Alfred Stieglitz, paintings by Childe Hassam, John Sloan and George Bellows, and ubiquitous images of the Brooklyn Bridge, we feature the works of painter Max Ferguson who has documented urban scenes, store fronts, barber shops, cafes and slices of life now disappearing in the evolution of this magnificent city.
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SR Set: Frank Lloyd Wright
Title: SR Set: Frank Lloyd Wright
Description: These essential images of buildings spanning seventy years of Frank Lloyd Wright design are listed (roughly) in chronological order so as to illustrate the evolution and progression of the master's creative thinking. Wright believed in integrating architecture with the landscape, and visually connecting interior and exterior spaces, amply illustrated by his iconic Falling Water at Bear Run. His Prairie Style featured long low horizontal lines, shallow sloping roofs, and deep cantilevered overhanging eaves, as seen in the Robie House in Chicago. Organic designs contrast the low, desert-hugging stone and concrete of Taliesin West with bold gleaming curves of the Guggenheim Museum spiraling up from urban streets of New York City. Later innovative styles include construction with precast concrete blocks embellished with Mayan-influenced textural designs seen in the Millard House in California.
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Title: SR Set: Pablo PICASSO
Description: Scholars Resource is pleased to present a rare opportunity: spanning seventy years of Pablo Picasso's oeuvre as painter, sculptor and artistic creator in many media. Even though this is but a fraction of the artist's prolific output, this perspective allows for review of his progressive styles, beginning with the first painting in this group dated 1901 and the last dating to 1971.
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SR Set: Expressionism
Title: SR Set: Expressionism
Description: The Expressionist movement originally arose in Germany and Austria early in the 20th century creating works of intense emotion often with violent distortion of reality. With their use of agitated brushstrokes, jarring line and color, Expressionist artists sought to heighten emotional experience in their work. At that time they were rubbing shoulders with a plethora of other nascent artistic aesthetic movements, consequently making it difficult for us to precisely pin down all the various practitioners for this set. Members of significant groups such as Die Brücke and Blaue Reiter are included, such as Kirchner, Nolde, and Kandinsky, and some important precursors of the style such as van Gogh, Munch and Ensor. Working well into the later part of the century are more far-flung worldwide practitioners from post World War II including Klee, Chagall, Rouault, Soutine, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon, Rufino Tamayo and Willem de Kooning.
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SR Set: What's New at Scholars Resource?
Title: SR Set: What's New at Scholars Resource?
Description: Modern Art? American Museums? American Art? A range of ethnic art? What comes to mind? ... DAVIS Art Images! Scholars Resource is happy to now offer the entire archive that Davis has assembled over a period of more than 50 years. Selected here are but a few examples of the broad range of over 25,000 Davis images that now includes the valuable Modern Art component of the already extensive Scholars Resource offering.
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SR Set: Art Deco
Title: SR Set: Art Deco
Description: The exuberance of color and technical innovation radiate from Art Deco examples in this Image Set. The bright red Golden Gate Bridge towering above the Bay in San Francisco; the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings rising high in Manhattan and the bold and colorful decorations around Rockefeller Center speak to the vitality and can-do attitude of the time after the First World War. Creamy, pastel buildings in Miami as well as bold pieces of furniture by Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann and brightly colored ceramics by Susie Cooper round out our group.
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SR Set: Twentieth Century Art
Title: SR Set: Twentieth Century Art
Description: This group offers a full spectrum of examples of art and architecture from the twentieth century ranging from Matisse's Luxe Calme et Volupte; Cubism examples with Picasso's The Violin (Jolie Eva) and Braque's Glass, Violin and Sheet of Music; to the Abstract Expressionism of Jackson Pollock's Unformed Figure; and the Pop Art work of Roy Lichtenstein's Hopeless. Architectural examples are drawn from the Bauhaus by Gropius to Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum and the late twentieth century high rises on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin by Piano, Kollhof and Jahn. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR-Set: Modernism
Title: SR-Set: Modernism
Description: Changes in Western society in the late nineteenth and early 20th centuries brought about a number of cultural movements broadly covered by the term Modernism. The emerging industrial world and the backlash against traditional forms of art of the 19th century led to a variety of trends and movements in art such as Symbolism, Cubism, Surrealism, Bauhaus, Dada, etc. Our set includes examples from artists representing these and other trends of Modernism. Impressionism and Expressionism are included in separate sets.
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SR Set: Contemporary Architecture
Title: SR Set: Contemporary Architecture
Description: Striking contemporary architecture built since 1980 in Western Europe and the United States, and the Library of Alexandria in Egypt.
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SR-Set: Expressionism
Title: SR-Set: Expressionism
Description: Expressionists of the 20th century created works of intense emotion often with violent distortion of reality. Their use of agitated brushstrokes, jarring line and color sought to heighten the emotional experience. Members of significant groups such as Die Brücke and Blaue Reiter are included in this set, such as Nolde, Kirchner, and Kandinsky. Among other artists included are Munch, Schiele, and Modigliani.
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SR Set: Modern Art
Title: SR Set: Modern Art
Description: Images of works of art ranging from the late nineteenth century to the present are included in this set, with examples drawn from Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Art Nouveau, to Expressionism, Cubism, and Surrealism. The artists represented range from Manet, Gauguin and Munch, to Beckmann, Pollock and Johns.
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SR Set: Russian Avant-Garde Artists
Title: SR Set: Russian Avant-Garde Artists
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SR Set: Impressionism Outside of France
Title: SR Set: Impressionism Outside of France
Description: Arising in France in the 1870s and 1880s, Impressionism is considered a French movement, but its influence spread well beyond French borders and into the next century. Indeed, it continues as a strong influence today. Our collection of Impressionist works from outside of France intends to illustrate how artists of most Western nations passed through a period of Impressionism in the last third of the Nineteenth century and early Twentieth century, each adapting and developing his own version of the movement. These works exhibit a range of Impressionist painting characteristics: the use of small visible brushstrokes, the changing quality of light and air, open composition and unusual visual angles. These characteristics were often blended with other influences of the time; sometimes including features of Realism, Expressionism, and Symbolism, with existing traditions of their own.
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SR Set: Impressionistic Depictions of Winter
Title: SR Set: Impressionistic Depictions of Winter
Description: Winter landscape paintings from the 19th and early 20th century offer a study of light effects on snow. The focus is on the unique characteristics of snow, rather than the human activity taking place in the snow. Painters applied an extraordinary range of color and light, including grays, pinks, blues and yellows to portray the quiet beauty of the landscape. This set includes images from Monet, Pissarro and Sisley, well-known painters of winter, as well as a broad range of European, Russian and American painters.
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SR Set: John Singer Sargent
Title: SR Set: John Singer Sargent
Description: John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was a prolific American painter who lived primarily in Europe. He is considered the "leading portrait painter of his generation" for his evocations of the Edwardian era. His formal portraits are in stark contrast to the painterly style of his landscapes in "plein air." Our image set in chronological order also features sketches at the end of the set.
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