Islamic Art

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SR Set: Major Religions: Islam
Title: SR Set: Major Religions: Islam
Description: Scholars Resource offers a visual library with insights into the history of major religions and points out the common roots and origins among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Part III: Islam. The culture of Islam is examined from our western perspective and largely through the art and architecture produced by the various periods throughout its history: Umayyad, Abbasid, Nasrid, Almoravid, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluk, Il Khanid, Seljuk, Timurid, Safavid, Mughal, Ottoman, etc. Of particular interest is the elegant and ubiquitous calligraphy expressing the fundamental faith of Islam from the Qur'an; found not only in manuscripts but forming the very structure of daily life and faith by its decorative presence on mosques, textiles , ceramic tile-work, and everyday objects.
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SR Set: Islamic Art
Title: SR Set: Islamic Art
Description: The breadth and versatility of Islamic design from Spain to China are represented here with architectural details, examples of decorative arts such as elegant ceramics, bronze ewers, tiled murals, and colorful and instructive manuscript illustrations.
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SR Set: Manuscripts
Title: SR Set: Manuscripts
Description: An outstanding collection of religious and secular manuscript painting representing a range of cultures from China, India and Armenia to the countries of Western Europe. Religious manuscripts include Jewish, Islamic and Christian texts. Images from Psalters, Bibles, Gospels, and Books of Hours offer a variety of historiated initials and marginal decoration. Images from secular texts range from Botanicals to maps to Aztec Feather Artisans; and treatises on surgical instruments and 'ingenious mechanical devices' to the Silk industry. Selections from literary works by Pliny, Virgil, and Boccaccio, and illustrations of historical events and historic personages are also included. This wide group of manuscript examples is appropriate to disciplines as disparate as History, Literature and the Sciences.
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SR Set: Islamic Architecture
Title: SR Set: Islamic Architecture
Description: The vendors of Scholars Resource offer images of Islamic architecture that range across centuries as well as continents. Here are mosques, medrasahs, ribats, tombs and palaces. Mosques are especially well represented: from classic examples of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul and the Great Mosque at Cordoba to the Great Mosque at Kairouan in Tunisia and the enormous 20th c. Mosque of Hussan II in Casablanca.
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SR Set: Islamic Art
Title: SR Set: Islamic Art
Description: The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers an incredibly rich collection of Art in the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia that allows for detailed study of the evolving culture of Islam. Our Image Set is based on outlines and images used in the Museum catalog as well as additional selections beginning with the depiction of the Caliph of Baghdad , The Art of the Caliphates (7 - 10th cent.), Art of Spain, North Africa and the Western Mediterranean, Art of the Eastern Islamic Lands (9th to 14th cent), Art of Egypt and Syria (10th to 16th cent.), Art of Iran and Central Asia (15th to 19th cent.), Art of the Ottoman Court and Art of South Asia (14th to 19th cent.)
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SR Image Set: Islamic Manuscripts
Title: SR Image Set: Islamic Manuscripts
Description: Scholars Resource's Image Set of Islamic Manuscripts offers a tantalizing and diverse view of the intellectual and spiritual life of the Islamic world. Elegant Arabic calligraphy decorates leaves of the Qur'an, and luscious illuminated panels enhance works on science, medicine, history and literature, including manuscript pages from Firdawsī's Shāhnāmah, the Persian national epic.
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